Fusekote Powder Torch

Fusekote Powder Torch Kit

Kit Includes the following: assortment of tips, storage case, torch,
 1-1lb. MG1030 Fusekote powder, 1-1lb. MG1060 Fusekote powder, instruction booklet




Fusekote Powder Alloys

Fusekote 1010

A dense easy to machine alloy for cast iron and steel, ideal for filling.



Fusekote 1020

A tough machinable alloy for build-up applications on steel and cast iron.



Fusekote 1030

A dense moderately hard and tough overlay that is machinable.
Ideal for build-up, filling and overlay on steels.



Fusekote 1040

A dense copper base alloy for joining and rebuilding copper
 and copper base worn parts.



Fusekote 1060

A smooth, abrasion-resistant alloy for the overlay of steels.
  Has excellent high heat hardness.



Fusekote 1070

A fine mesh tungsten carbide bearing, abrasion resisting material
for extreme abrasion applications.



Fusekote 1075

A high percentage, coarse grit, tungsten carbide bearing alloy for
extreme abrasive applications, as well as applications that require
a rough surface.




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